Placeholder title for league with ID = 1 feed Blood bowl league RSS feed en-EN Mon, 19 Feb 2018 07:14:03 -0700 OBBLM 0.95 $Rev: 975 $ Match: Touchdown Titans (3) vs. Wailington Hurricanes (2) REF: Ranulf ‘Red’ Hokuli Stadium: Standard Stadium Inducements: Horatio X. Schottenheim (Hurricanes) - Forgot to use him, duh! Titans purchased their home stadium (Uncovered trapdoors) so treasury needs to be reduced to 150k please 2018-02-12 22:00:36 Match: Walking Dead (5) vs. Minni Vikings (0) Ref: Trundlefoot Triplets Stadium: Rough & Ready - Trapdoors are holes Inducmenets: Merc Deathroller with Multiblock, Extra Reroll. 2018-02-10 05:25:40 Match: Revenge of the Cheese (1) vs. Touchdown Titans (2) Thoron Koronssen Referee No Inducements Trapdoor Stadium (rough and ready) Nice weather Titans elected to receive. throw off event throw a rock resulted on a KO on Titans Blitzer Morcambrasie. Titans for a cage but leave a gap Guterruner Brie Shoots for it but rolled Snakes on a dodge. cage moves down the field and Guterruner Brie Shoots for the cage makes the dodge but rolls double skull. Titans Ogre Smasha Marks Cheese Bomber next turn goes for block but double skulls loner fails. Cheese Bomber lines up a shot at 4 humans but the bomb is intecepted and thrown back at the rats to KO the bomber. Titans score a TD on Body Bag from a hand off after pressure from the rats and the ball spilling out from a push play. Titans unused to the speed of the skaven set up with a gap and Camenburt ran in a 1 turn TD. Half time. Skaven receive but a blitz is called and the rats side push play is shut down. Cheese manage to push through but leave a gap in the cage due to the other half of the team being cornered by the blitz. Titans Blitz ball free and surround the ball. repeated efforts by the rats to regain the ball results in nothing. Titans form there cage and dispute the pressure push down the field to sideline cage behind the open trap door. Linrat pushes through to prevent the score but snakes. Titans Body Morscambrasie who missed the first half from a rock made up for it with a TD to seal the game turn 16. Titans rolled and received residency at the stadium and forfited there winnings. Rats rolled 2 on there winning so received no cash from the game. MVP's when to Romano and Victim. Cheese luck over the last few games caught up with them. Titans were well coached and are going to be a strong force in the future. Cheese who were looking to seal the conference are now badly damaged as there invincible AV7 appears to be cracking. 2018-02-08 17:02:38 Match: Sunnydale Bunnies (3) vs. Hairy Hobbit Hollywood Heat (2) Zara, Chef, Johnny Waterboy, Ball Clone. Blizzard 2018-02-08 07:18:54 Match: Touchdown Titans (2) vs. Mad Hatterz Tea Party (1) Titans saved another 50k for stadium. Dropped both ongoing sponsors 2018-02-08 02:42:25 Match: Minni Vikings (1) vs. Wailington Hurricanes (4) REF: Normal Stadium: IMS (Integrated Merchandise Stalls) Inducements: Vikings took Mercenary DeathRoller with Multi-Block (240k) Hurricanes have taken an Ongoing Sponsor. 2018-02-06 16:47:56 Match: Walking Dead (2) vs. Heinous Hurt (1) Ref: Normal Stadium: Luxury Stadium - Desperate for Exposure Tonight's match was held at a newly built Luxury Stadium. Being desperate for exposure, they funded 50k towards any star players hired for the match. This gave the Walking Dead enough to hire Setekh for the match and pay the fee for a wizard for the game. Knowing the Walking Dead's reputation, the Heinous Hurt brought a waterboy for their KO box to help revive the inevitable unconscious players. Heinous Hurt won the toss and elected to receive. Recovering the ball smoothly, they move up the field, but immediately the elves started to suffer casualties. On forming a cage, the wizard fired from the stands. With half the cage blown away, a wight dived through the flames sacking the ball carrier. Unphased, the elves dodge free, recovered the ball and passed to waiting elf hands for a quick score. The elves lined up to kick for the next drive, already outnumbered. They blitzed the start, allowing their rookie assassin to run up and stab Setekh, who appeared unphased by a small knife wound. In retaliation, the assassin was pushed to the line and blitzed out. The drive continued as the undead slowly marched down the pitch. Desperate elf blitzes managed to pop the ball loose once, but ultimately couldn't stop the touchdown just before half time. Outnumbered and suffering several injuries, Heinous Hurt lined up for the second half, but couldn't stop the might of the undead as they marched down the pitch. The last few turns of the half were uneventful as the undead milled around at the endzone, while the remaining few elves kept their distance. Walking Dead ultimately win 2-1. Walking Dead were offered another sponsorship, which they took as a one-off payment for immediate cash. 2018-02-06 03:47:29 Match: Skaven State Wildcats (1) vs. Zatisfying Zomsters (2) Referee : Normal Stadium : Zomsters' Oval of the Zamned (Rough & Ready > Unclear Markings) Skaven State Wildcats Winnings Total 70k = 60k (roll 6) + 10k (Sponsorship #1) + 30k (Sponsorship #2) - 30k (Expensive Mistake) Player #15 MNG for sponsorship roll of 1 Zatisfying Zomsterz Winnings Total 70k = 40k (roll 4) + 10k (sponsorship #1) 2018-02-01 05:50:00 Match: Touchdown Titans (1) vs. Lake Haven Lizards (2) Referee: Normal Stadium: Poorly Built Dungeons The lizards were in a mean mood when they took to the field this evening against the humans, more so when star player Helmut Wulf took a chunk out of Chris the kroxigor with the first bash of the match. The saurian response was messy, detonating a mine under the chainsaw wielding maniac, which not only ended his match, but that of a nearby blitzer as well. When the smoke had cleared, the skinks were swarming over the thrower, with the ball bouncing around the pitch. Both sides traded blows and blitzes trying to secure possession, and in the end it was the number twelve for the visitors who had gathered it up, taking advantage of some poor human footwork to score. [Turn 5] With the humans unable to register a point in what time was left in the first half, the saurians went straight on the attack at the start of the second period, with skink Koby receiving the ball from the restart then running into a cage further down the pitch. The humans responded well, breaking open the cage, and putting pressure on the rookie, but a smart hand-off to an unmarked Kynan behind him saw the lead double, with the lizards well in control. [Turn 2] Despite the battering the humans had taken so far during the game, they were determined to at least finish the game with a point, which they duly did, but not after they made sure that a few saurians were stretchered off the field. 2018-01-31 04:33:57 Match: Mad Hatterz Tea Party (0) vs. Zatisfying Zomsters (2) Referee : Jorm the Ogre Stadium : Slopping Pitch Mad Hatterz Tea Party Winnings 10k (Roll 1) Fame lost result of Jorm's Get the Fame Zatifying Zomsters Winnings 60k = 30k (roll 3) + 10k (Win) + 20k Sponsorship 2018-01-31 04:22:05 Team news by Revenge of the Cheese After there recent win over The Killer Heels, the Revenge of the Cheese have received an offer of a major sponsorship from Farblast & Sons Ordnance Solutions which has been accepted. 2018-01-30 02:20:08 Match: Sunnydale Bunnies (3) vs. Backdoor Bandits (2) -250k for Sunnydale spent on wizard and 2 kegs 2018-01-29 22:27:26 Match: Washingtut Redbones (2) vs. Who's Town Whockets (1) Horatio and Galandril -70k (50k into Washingtut stadium fund) 2018-01-22 22:14:30 Match: Revenge of the Cheese (4) vs. The Killer Heels (0) Revenge of the Cheese V The Killer Heals A crowd of 150K fans tuned out for the game, of witch slightly more of which cheered for the rats to give +1 Fame. The game was held at an astrogranite Stadium. Unfortunately the NAF sent Jorm the Ogre to be the ref for the game and the rats were most displeased and opted to hire Horatio X. Schottenheim, Master Mage instead of bribing the ref. The rats won the toss and elected to defend first. At the kick off the ball was caught by Cruella Svelte who quickly ran into an cage of Dark elves. The newly recruited assassin Jimmy Key was keen to show all that Assassins can actually be good at blood bowl and ran forward to cowardly stab the brave Skaven Thrower Cheddar causing him as a Niggle. The Revenge of the Cheese Appo quickly administered treatment to change the result to a Badly hurt and return Cheddar to the pitch. The rat coach gave a nod to the Master Mage, Horatio X. Schottenheim, and he threw a fireball which to everyone’s surprise actually hit a few players including the ball carrier. The ball was pounced upon by Camembert who was then blitzed by a Dark elf Blitzer with the ball scattering to a witch elf but droped. Danish Blue then blitzed causing and MNG to a Dark elf Blitzer Jimmmy Choo. Brie then scooped up the ball in two tackle zones with a reroll and scurried off to score Turn 3. After receiving the ball the dark elves caged up but being down on players they were forced to move forward with a half cage. However the rats used their speed to reposition and Stormvermin Parmesan was able to blitz the ball free from the Witch elf with the ball scooped up and handed off to Camembert for a turn 8 TD. After half time the rats picked up the ball and caged around Brie. With the Killer heals numbers depleted the rats ran in for a quick TD on turn 11. The rats kicked off very deep into the end zone of the Killer Heals. The assassin Jimmy Key stuck again and Badly Hurt Linerat Pecorino with a Stab. The Witch elf ran to pick up the ball but fumbled it and the ball went into the crowd and landed in between the players on the line of scrimmage as the space was clear from the Dark elf blocks. After back and forth shoving around the ball the rats made off with it again and Gorgonzola was able to score on Turn 16 despite. Great efforts at defence from the depleted Dark Elfs. MVP went to the newly recruited assassin Jimmy Key and Mutant Stormvermin Parmesan. Great sportsmanship was on display despite the many 1's that were rolled for the Dark Elves. The rats secured an offer for a Major sponsorship deal and are considering their options. Rumours abound that Camembert is now so fast that he can run the length of the pitch in a single turn! Disgusting! 2018-01-21 22:36:05 Match: Who's Town Whockets (3) vs. Golden State Social Justice Warriors (1) Chavo, I didn't record who got your MVP. Please check other results because of #changes and cash. #Chavo: All fixed 2018-01-21 20:14:44 Match: Who's Town Whockets (1) vs. WaywardPine Harlequins (1) Bojo. please check. 2018-01-21 20:04:24 Match: Golden State Social Justice Warriors (2) vs. Zatisfying Zomsters (3) Zatisfying Zomsters is the new resident for Rough & Ready Stadium with Unclear Markings, with forfeiting winnings (-60k), cancelling old contact with previous stadium (-50k), and put 100k (-140k) into Stadium Fund. Zatisfying Zomster gain minor ongoing sponsor. 2018-01-20 20:26:48 Match: Walking Dead (3) vs. Wailington Hurricanes (1) Walking Dead got a new ongoing sponsorship. Were offered free residency at "Desperate for Exposure" stadium, which they then purchased for 250k. 2018-01-15 05:19:49 Match: Norlanders XI (2) vs. Hairy Hobbit Hollywood Heat (3) Hobbits induced Wizard, Chef and Zara to great effect. 2018-01-14 20:14:52 Match: Mad Hatterz Tea Party (0) vs. Washingtut Redbones (2) IND: Hack Enslash + Igor 50K sent to Washingtut Stadium Fund (-70K) 2018-01-13 22:58:22